About Burleigh Holiday Homes

Welcome to Burleigh Holiday Homes, where your dream vacation comes to life amidst the stunning backdrop of Burleigh Heads, a jewel on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

Our Leadership and Expertise

Led by the visionary Margie McIntosh, with an illustrious 30-year career spanning tourism marketing and real estate, our team is dedicated to making your holiday experience nothing short of perfect.

With a relaxed ambiance that whispers of laid-back days under the sun, this idyllic locale also thrives with a vibrant pulse of trendy eateries and chic boutiques. Whether you’re here to catch the perfect wave or simply soak in the coastal charm, Burleigh Heads promises an unforgettable escape with something special for every visitor.

Why Choose Us?

Expertise & Passion

Under Margie’s leadership, our team’s deep-rooted passion for hospitality and an unwavering commitment to excellence ensures your holiday is as enchanting and seamless as envisioned.

Tailored to You

We believe in personalizing your stay. Our mission is to align your accommodation with your aspirations and preferences, crafting an experience that feels uniquely yours.

Stress-Free Booking

With our user-friendly tools and competitive pricing, finding and securing your ideal holiday home is effortless and affordable.

A Heart for Burleigh Heads

Inspired by the chic, stylish, and vibrant spirit of Burleigh Heads, our properties mirror the beauty of our surrounds – from the pristine beaches and blue skies to the lush national parks.
As a new venture, Burleigh Holiday Homes invites you to embark on a journey with us. We’re painting on a blank canvas, eager to fill it with the vibrant colors of unforgettable holiday experiences. Let us be your guide to the exquisite charm of Burleigh Heads, where beautiful people play, and every stay promises memories to last a lifetime.

Embrace the adventure, discover the luxury, and enjoy the tranquility with Burleigh Holiday Homes – where your Gold Coast holiday begins.